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Functional Sati Dynamic

Optimise body functionality to achieve mental and emotional efficiency

The Functional SATI Dynamic method offers sequence of exercises made of multi-axial movements to stimulate all muscle chains and joints. The goal is to improve all our physical skills (such as strength, endurance, coordination, balance) and to give us awareness of what we can really do.


functional sati dynamic: allenamento funzionale consapevole

The importance of functional training on our way to a dynamic awareness

The body is a wonderful organism created to move, interact freely through movement with the surrounding environment according to the laws of physics. To ensure this, the body is equipped with a locomotor apparatus.
The musculoskeletal system is the framework of our organism and allows us to move. This apparatus is mainly composed of two types of structures: the skeleton and the skeletal muscles.

The musculoskeletal system has evolved through direct interaction with the surrounding environment and has developed its skills through these interactions.

Functional Training: Why?

The best way to maintain the functions of this apparatus and to improve them is only through its use. In practice, the body is made to move! If we use it poorly, it deteriorates prematurely, while if it is active, it maintains and improves its skills over time. Therefore, it is essential to practice regular physical activity not only to improve our skills but also to stay healthy.

We define “workout” the regular physical activity or a set of physical exercises performed to improve our physical condition.

Explore your potential. Expand your limits.

The Functional SATI Dynamic method aims to improve:

• our muscular system condition
• all the skeletal apparatus skills
• our cardiovascular system condition, ensuring greater energy intake
• the control of our movements, by developing more effective gestures
• our muscular system activation

All the above ensure an overall physical condition improvement.

In conclusion, training is actually much more than a simple sequence of exercises. It is the exploration of our limits, a continuous challenge that allows us to know ourselves and improve. Much more than just a physical matter: a workout is the education in putting efforts for the attainment of a goal. This should be the initial stimulus that leads us to this path. Training will not necessarily make us champions, but it will surely produce significant improvements that will help us express our full potential.