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Sati Dynamic Full Experience

Come into being!

SATI Dynamic Full Experience is Yoga, active observation, functional and core training, bioenergetics, music therapy, active and sitting meditation that guide us in a journey of exploration, recognition, acceptance and evolution of what we are!


The SATI Dynamic Full Experience


We have created a combination of specific body exercise sequences, bolt together to excite people’s awareness, perception and imagination while improving the overall physical and psychological well-being.

What is “SATI”?

The word sati in Pali language means approximately awareness or mindfulness. This concept as known today, was used for the first time by the Buddha over two thousand years ago; it consisted of the realization that words are bare artifacts of our living experience.

Since human life is for the most part governed by a dependance on words, and since, it is own mental constructs that determine our pain and suffering, Buddha suggested we re-learned how we get in touch with our own direct experience without the use of words.

esperienza sati dynamic the sati dynamic experience

Experience SATI Dynamic: we need to “train” our awareness


The primary aim of the SATI Dynamic method is ongoing research and the acquisition of knowledge on all levels of our existence: physical, emotional, mental, and relational. The more tangible and more immediate level on which we can act is, of course, the physical one and that is where SATI Dynamic starts from.

esperienza sati dynamic - sati dynamic experience - warrior

The method is built around the following practices:


  • Yoga (Ashtanga / Raja Yoga)
  • Active observation
  • Functional and core training
  • Bioenergetics
  • Music Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Meditation (breathing, active / dynamic and dancing meditation)


Compared to the practices to which it is inspired, it differs in the intention to contextualize them in the present moment and culture.
Specific body movement sequences are designed to flow together in order to excite awareness, perception and imagination.

Conscious breathing is at the heart of this practice as it is the actual energy behind each movement. Our breath represents the union of our dynamic worlds: the inner and the outer. It is the external expression of the subtle movement of our life force.

The breathing regulates the sequences and is directing our balance – a balance of flexibility and strength, heaviness and lightness, movement and stillness. By synchronizing the breathing to the movement and the movement to the breathing, the practice becomes concentrated, our breath becomes our rhythm, our body becomes stronger while our mind grows calm.

The sequences and exercises aim to stimulate conditional and coordinative skills, and to explore the relationships among joints, muscles and postural alignments through active observation and energy control. Body awareness brings emotional awareness. Body and emotional awareness take us to better self-energy management!

The main objectives of the SATI Dynamic method are:

  • increasing awareness and sensibility
  • expanding the range of motion while reducing energy consumption
  • connecting with each one’s actual abilities and potential through an experiential and emotional path coupled with static and dynamic meditation.

The benefits are reflected in our improved posture and how we move, feel, breath, sleep and live!

Who can practice SATI Dynamic?

People of any age and physical condition, eager to improve their own structure and movements as well as raise their level of well-being.