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Sati Dynamic Bioenergy

Get actively in touch with your body to become consciously responsible for its transformation.

Observation, stimulation, release and balance your bioenergy.



SATI Dynamic Bioenergy offers specific sequences of exercises to stimulate, release and re-balance our bioenergy, our vital energy. This energy is essential not only for the proper functioning of our body and spirit. It is also responsible for our physical, mental and emotional condition.

Bioenergetic analysis is a type of body psychotherapy developed by the American physician and psychotherapist Alexander Lowen, upon the work of Wilhelm Reich, in the 50s for the treatment of psychological and physical disorders.

Bioenergetics assume that each individual has a vital energy, essential for every interaction between body and mind, as well as for the control of physical and mental states. The energy the bioenergetics refer to has been defined, according to the cultural influences, Qi (chi) or life force. One of the most easily recognizable among its effects, according to therapists, is the change of mood.

SATI Dynamic Bioenergy: esercizi bioenergetica
Since the charging and discharging function as a unit, bioenergetics works simultaneously on both sides of the equation to raise the energy levels, to pave the way for self-expression and to rinstaurare the flow of sensations in the body.<br /> The emphasis is on breathing, feeling, and movement. At the same time we try to connect the functioning of the current energy of the individual with his previous history.<br /> This combined approach exposes gradually the inner forces (conflict) that prevent the individual to operate in its full energy potential.<br /> Whenever we resolve one of these inner conflicts, the energy level increases. This means that the individual takes and spends more energy creative activities, which are sources of pleasure and satisfaction.
bioenergetica - bioenergetics

The concept of energy

The term “bioenergetics” includes the concept of energy. Lowen called it “bio-energy” in a general sense, distancing himself from the theories of Reich on the existence of a cosmic energy called “orgone energy.” The energy mentioned by Lowen is not comparable to the libido of Freud. It is the energy of the entire body, including the energetic processes that are the basis of life and of all our activities as human beings.


Bioenergetic therapists believe that emotions have effect on our body. Psychological problems such as stress, anxiety and anger affect breathing, posture and movements. These problems sometimes suppress the normal flow of energy. Therefore, the purpose of bioenergetics is to make us aware of our habitual movements and our postures associated to different emotions.

Bioenergetics provides a series of exercises designed to reduce muscle tension, to allow the body to regain its natural state and at the same time to offer a kind of “liberation” from the emotional problem.

The SATI Dynamic Bioenergy exercises can help us gain greater mastery of ourselves:
  •  Increased “state of vibration” of the body.
  • Better legs and consequently body Grounding.
  • Improved breathing (deeper breathing).
  • Increased awareness.
  • Expanded horizons of self-expression.

They can also improve fitness, intensify sexual sensations and increase self-confidence. Let’s not forget that they are exercises, and a lot depends on how much we are investing on them. If we apply on them mechanically, we will get very little and if we execute them in a coercive manner, it will decrease its effectiveness. If we perform them competitively, we will not feel nothing. Only if we start practicing them with great care and interest for our body, we will be amazed by their usefulness.

Get actively in touch with your body to become consciously responsible for its transformation.