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Sati Dynamic Meditation

Body wisdom leading to emotional and spiritual growth

SATI Dynamic Meditation is a Flow of movements synchronized by our breath to dynamically represent the union between our inner and outer world.

SATI Dynamic Active Meditation: Meditazione attiva

SATI Dynamic Meditation is a flow of movements sequences and expressive exercises, directed by music.

They are synchronized by our breath to dynamically represent the union between our inner and outer world. Movement becomes expression and communication. Breathing and movement cease to be separate entities. This union becomes awareness. The effects on our mood and on our body are amazing.

What is “meditation“?

There are many, often contradictory, ideas about what meditation is. Primarily, the approach of who meditates should be to understand the nature of the mind, instead of fighting it.

Most of us are in a continuous run, dominated by our thoughts and emotions. It ends that we identify ourselves with those thoughts and emotions. Meditation is a state of simply “being”, of pure experience, without interference from the body or the mind. It is a natural state in which we have forgotten how to access.

The word “meditation” includes, more correctly, the different techniques of meditation. These are ways through which we try to create an interior condition that can facilitate the “disconnection” from the body-mind, allowing us just to”be”. Initially it may be of help to commit into the practice of a structured method of meditation. There are many that can be applicable in the everyday life context, at work, at leisure time, alone or with others.

The methods serve only until the state of meditation – of relaxed awareness, consciousness and arrival at our own center – becomes more than a fleeting experience. Until it becomes intrinsic as much as the breathing.

SATI DYNAMIC Meditation is an active meditation that lead us to a dynamic awareness

When we think of meditation, we usually have in mind the image of monks who sit in silence. SATI Dynamic meditation seems to be just the opposite, full of movement and with the possibility, in some phases, to express strong emotions.

SATI Dynamic Meditation is created to help us find our way to silence. The modern man is full of repression. In the past, people lived in a more natural way. More in tune with their human nature and therefore more relaxed. It was easy for them to sit down, just look within, meditate and be quiet. But nowadays when we sit down, we listen to a mind that seems to be louder than ever. We feel the tension of a body full of energy and repressed emotions.

Listen to the body intelligence

SATI Dynamic Meditation is a cathartic meditation. When we think about catharsis, we have the idea of expressing emotions. This already creates an image in our mind that directs our body expression during meditation. This image, or goal, is a product of the left side of the cerebral neocortex. This part is responsible of logical thinking and calculation. Given that the left hemisphere of the brain is the part where we “find” the past and the future, we tend to repeat what we have already experienced in the past. In this way we reinforce the experience.

So, if we have a therapeutic approach when meeting the SATI Dynamic Meditation, it is easy to go wrong. We should follow the intelligence of the body. This means that we need to listen to it. Allow it to develop the various movements on its own. The process that can heal and cleanse the body can only take place when we are able to really understand how to follow the movements that arise from the depths of our body. In this way, instead of forcing our body to behave according to our preconceived ideas and images, our system will learn how to listen, follow and develop its own healing abilities.