Create a habit
that will transform
your life!


Create a habit that will transform your life!

We are made of body, mind, emotions, spirit and energy
that continuously flow and interact.
If we bring harmony in this interaction,
our life will be transformed!

Do you want to discover "how"?

In order to live a healthy and fulfilling life from all points of view, we must be strong and functional physically; creative and flexible mentally; open and expressive emotionally; fluid and centered energetically; free and connected spiritually.

Physical exercise that only targets the body is fine, but it’s not enough. Reading philosophy books can be useful for us to “ask some questions”, but even this is not enough. Relating to other people, when this happens in a superficial way, using old and dysfunctional patterns, is not enough either. It often becomes counterproductive and takes us even further from where we need to be…

To claim that we are religious, because we practice various rituals in order to “feel connected” without ever seeking the connection with ourselves, actually makes us lose sight of what really “is”.

We need constant and daily practice,
that centers us and reminds us of everything we are.
And this practice must be able to help us
activate and “train” all our levels:
physical, mental, emotional, energetic, relational, spiritual.

And is the practice enough...?

The right practice creates a habit,
offers the path and gives you the toolset you need
to awaken and train your awareness!

We are what we
repeatedly do.
Excellence then,

is not an act,

but a habit!

– Aristotle


Online Video Course

It takes at least 21 days to create a habit! At least 21 days of true intention and presence to begin the transformation of your body, of your energy, of your way of being, of feeling, of relating, of living!

The path is NOW.
Action means NOW. Your future is NOW. Your life is NOW and there’s no better time to start living your life to the fullest of your potential!

I have created a path for you. 21 practices of increasing intensity, so as to start with kindness, gentleness and respect and move day after day a little further, a little deeper  and a little higher!

In 21 days you will learn to perceive your energy and listen to your body. You will learn to put your energy in motion, feeling your body moving with a different quality and a deeper awareness.

Day after day you will feel stronger, more balanced, more fluid and flexible. You will feel more connected to yourself, your mood will significally improve, and you will have a fresh intuition and creativity.

What are you waiting for?


Create a habit that will transform your life!

21 days Video Course

Train your Awareness through Mindful Movement

199,00 €

(This is a 1 time purchase. You buy this course today and it is Yours FOREVER!)

Create a habit that will transform your life!
21 days - 21 practices- 21 inspirations

The path is spread in 3 weeks practices. We start gently and respectfully, but with total presence! Presence becomes perception, breath and intention. Intention becomes action and movement. Movement becomes strength, mobility, balance, coordination and flexibility. We finally realize that moving with awareness takes us directly into Ourselves.

Body, emotions, thoughts and energy flow together and we finally discover we are part of a greater energy! When we learn to flow in and with this energy, we are in relationship, we are in balance, we are in harmony!

Beauty is perceived when there is balance and harmony among all our different levels!


  • 7 practices of no more than 30′ – so as to make your commitment possible – one for each day of the week (21 practices).
  • 21 daily inspirations, one different every day to create a new intention and to further deepening your practice.
  • + 3 full practices, one at the end of every week, to help you apply all the teachings of the previous days and to celebrate your progress!
  • A guided meditation that brings you  “home” when you need it.
  • 25 overall practices.
First week

Put your body in motion
and your soul will heal itself.

Second week

The practice of mindful movement brings all your creative energies to flow. This not only frees your body, it opens up your heart and empties your mind as well.

Third week

Your body is the ground and the metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your Bible, your encyclopedia and your life story. Whatever happens to you is stored and reflected in your body.

Bonus: free practices for you included in this path

A guided meditation and three full practices for you!

A meditation for YOU

In this course you will find a guided meditation to take with you, and use every time you need to get back to your center.

3 free full practices

You will also find, included in this course, three full, longer practices, one for every end of a week, that put together all you have gained in the previous days. A beautiful way to verify your progress!

I’m offering you the path, but only YOU, with your commitment and your “inner and outer” movement, can be the creator of the most beautiful version of YOURSELF!


Create a habit that will transform your life!

21 days Video Course

Train your Awareness through Mindful Movement

199,00 €

(This is a 1 time purchase. You buy this course today and it is Yours FOREVER!)

Evi Choutou

Founder & Creator at SATI Dynamic
your guide in this journey

Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning, Bio-Architecture and Feng Shui consultant. Naturopath with specialization in natural nutrition, kinesiologist, yoga and personal trainer and philosophical practitioner. She is passionate about functional training and expressive art therapies. Author and editor for the wellbeing magazines Piubenessere and Consapevolezza dinamica, she examines thoroughly everything that can raise the quality of life.

Together we can get to something bigger...
starting from the simplest!
Let's start from movement!
Let's start from mindful movement and
revolutionize EVERYTHING!

I'm ready ...
how about YOU?

What they say about SATI Dynamic:

Sati Dynamic is not the classic lesson that can be done in a gym, or any yoga studio; it is a path of growth and development of our awareness through our body movement, meditation, music therapy etc … You receive a lot of stimuli from the practices and from Evi herself (which I consider exceptional both as a person and as a professional) at multiple levels that not everyone is able to understand; one must be ready to do so, to undress from prejudice and the fear of being judged by others. For me this is Sati Dynamic, one of a kind and very powerful as it is beneficial from multiple points of view! It has helped me so much, it is helping me so much to grow and evolve not only physically … If you don’t understand what I mean, try and start with the fantastic “retreats” and then let’s talk about it … I love Sati Dynamic and I love you, Evi .
Francesca F.
Sati Dynamic goes beyond the usual combination of holistic discipline and sports training; it is a beautiful life experience that allows you to know a deeper part of yourself and of who and what surrounds you. It teaches you to breathe, to feel your body and unite it with the mind, to free yourself from judgment and prejudice, to understand and free your emotions, to perceive your energy at its different levels of manifestation … to seek your own awareness . And the surprise is how everything that the Sati dynamic transmits to you, can be applied to your daily life when you are less focused on yourself and more taken by what surrounds you. Inside the Sati dynamic there is a message of profound self-seeking and a free internal and external movement towards something that is only yours. The message is so important and beautiful, no less than its messenger…
Claudio G.
The discovery that movement is not only a way of staying fit but the awareness of our breath, our emotions, creativity e generally speaking the revelation of our true selves. Evi’s online practices have enabled us to handle the frustration of this difficult period through active meditation. Thank you Sati Dynamic!
Liliana M.
Sati dynamic is an innovative way to practice yoga, where emotions, spirituality and thoughts blend with the freedom of movement, giving life to the true essence of ourselves!
Ambra C.
What it means for me to train with Sati dynamic: learning that the breath contains the energy that allows the movement of the body and transmits strength to one’s intentions, was an exciting discovery for me. I am grateful to this practice thanks to which I am experiencing that it is possible to reach an awareness able to connect my emotions to what surrounds me externally, giving me a daily physical and spiritual well-being. Evi is an attentive and prepared guide, her energy is indispensable.
Arianna L.
The practice of Sati dynamic helped me to heal the body by regaining awareness and, from a physical point of view, tone and elasticity. It also helped me heal my mind by confidently surrendering to movement.
Rebecca R.
It is not for everyone, but if you are looking for a physical activity that can balance body, mind and emotions, you should try it. I discovered the Sati dynamic and Evi during the first lockdown and it became a necessity. After a couple of weeks I noticed a greater physical well-being, lightness and reactivity. The online lessons allowed me to practice whenever and wherever I wanted; just get comfortable, take a mat and 40 ‘to dedicate to yourself. In this year I was also able to participate in two retreats. Unique and emotionally intense experiences that greatly enrich ordinary practices. I advise you to start with three weekly practices, as your body begins to become more elastic, the feeling of well-being will increase and you will feel the need to practice daily.
Alessandro G.
Sati dynamic is a journey into awareness … an all-round awareness, from breathing to movement, from emotions to relationships … A path that aims at total well-being … Sati dynamic is something that makes you look deep inside without fear and without judgment, and it is there that every best change is hidden … Sati dynamic is a valid method in the search for the best version of oneself! Practice it and you’ll believe it!
Evita C.
Evi is an amazing, giving person who has built her method and her retreats around these qualities. She guides us through both physical and mental exercises in such an order to get the most out of them whilst creating a friendly and safe environment for everyone.
Ioanna P.


Create a habit that will transform your life!
21 days - 21 practices - 21 inspirations

21 days Video Course

Train your Awareness and reveal the most authentic part of Yourself!

199,00 €

(This is a 1 time purchase. You buy this course today and it is Yours FOREVER!)