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Unique retreats and powerful experiences, in the heart of nature, in places of inestimable energetic value.
Get in touch with yourself, cultivate awareness and healthy habits, and create heart bonds.

We offer you these transformative paths to concentrate on relaxation, discovery and
application of valuable tools that will give you a new perspective about yourself and your life!

Do you want to experience an introspective, energizing journey of precious discoveries?
Or do you prefer an active, relaxing and rejuvenating holiday?

Choose among our powerful awareness training and mindful movement retreats to nurture your body, mind and soul!

Be part of a life changing experience

Powerful Retreats

in Italy and Greece

Move from your center to find your deepest connection



Powerful Expreriences to heal your soul


3 days for YOU in the heart of nature

Wellbeing and Awareness training Retreat

in Tuscany, Italy

These three days retreats will enhance your body,
open your mind,
strengthen your relationships
and empower your soul.

Reconnect with the elements!
Find yourself in the heart of nature!

 | march 8-10 | april 5-7 | may 17-19 | june 7-9 | 2024



Awareness training Retreat

A mindful weekend: more than a yoga retreat in Tuscany

  • Meditations at sunrise and sunset
  • Silent, active and free movement meditations
  • SATI Dynamic  mindful movement and yoga based practices and workouts
  • Walks and Trekking in the natural park of Monte Amiata
  • Delicious vegetarian menu based on Tuscan traditions
  • 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners
  • Limited number of participants (maximum 12)
  • 3 days (2 nights) accommodation

 3 days of activities and practices

Spoken languages: English, Italian and Greek


A journey within

Chakra Awareness Retreat

in Tuscany, Italy

This chakra awareness retreat offers you a complete journey within yourself. To awaken and strengthen your energy body and channel specific energy into each chakra.

Flow through the liberating current of your chakras using mindful movement, singing, dancing, various meditative techniques, partner work and specific introspective exercises on chakra psychology. Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. This workshop offers a deep understanding of yourself and a powerful set of tools for personal growth.

to be defined | 2024


We will dedicate a day to explore every single chakra. experiencing its different depths and investigating each specific energy.

We will have the opportunity to experience the psychological correspondences and their impact on our evolution, through sequences of specific bioenergetic exercises, yoga positions, static and dynamic meditations, introspection and research exercises.

Music and mindful movement will accompany us on a journey of exploration, discovery, acceptance and evolution of what we really are!

What we will gain from this experience:

The tools to know ourselves in depth and make wiser choices. A clearer vision of how to set better boundaries. Valuable and profound revelations about our movement in the world. New and deep connections. An unforgettable experience!

There are olny 12 spots for this retreat.

7 days journey for the soul

Awareness and Transformation Retreat

in Aegina island, Greece

This is a heart-centered journey within your body,
mind and emotions.

A powerful mindful movement retreat
that will give you unique revelations about yourself
and your movement in the world.

Get ready for a life changing experience!

july 22-28 | 2024


Awareness and Transformation:
a journey within

Much more that a yoga retreat in Aegina, Greece

  • Sunrise and sunset meditations
  • Silent, active and free movement meditations
  • SATI Dynamic  mindful movement and yoga based practices and workouts
  • Introspective work, philosophical research and communication games
  • Free time to release, relax and reconnect
  • Decicious vegetarian menu based on greek traditions
  • 6 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners
  • 7 days accommodation (6 nights)
  • Limited spots (up to 16 participants)

7 days of activities and practices

Spoken languages: English, Italian and Greek

5 days journey of adventures

A journey of awareness and discoveries

on Mount Olympus, Greece

A path, a challenge, a destination full of symbolic power
to reveal your heights and depths!

This transformative retreat to Mount Olympus
will bring light to powers you never knew you had.

It will challenge you and bring you back to essence.
The time has come to immerse yourself in an experience that will change your life!

1-5 July 2024



A path that has been studied and designed to guide you through a truly profound experience. Here is what is included:

  • Sunrise and sunset meditations
  • Hiking and trekking on different trails each day
  • Guided Meditations to explore, observe and find new expression
  • Practices of free and guided mindful movement
  • Special session to restore, to find grounding and connection
  • Free time to relax and explore the silence of the mountains
  • Meals and snacks in the huts and on the trails
  • Accommodation in the huts – 5 days (4 nights)
  • Limited spots (maximum 20 participants)

5 days of activities and practices

Spoken languages: English, Italian and Greek

Partner Awareness Retreats & Workshops

Italy, Greece

Let’s deepen our self awareness to heal ourselves and our relationships.
Our partner is our mirror, and our shared movement
will give us all the right questions
that will reveal the answers!

april 5-7, 2024


Which retreat resonates with you?

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