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Letting go, letting bloom retreat in Tuscany

Letting go, letting bloom retreat in Tuscany

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Letting go, letting bloom retreat in Tuscany

Il Roccone

15-12-2023 - 17-12-2023
December 15, 2023


Sati Dynamic

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Letting go, letting bloom retreat in Tuscany

Il Roccone

15-12-2023 - 17-12-2023
December 15, 2023


As the year draws to a close, we prepare for this introspective winter period that will guide us toward a new transformation. In this enchanting retreat in picturesque Tuscany, we will let go of the weight of the past to allow our spirit to breathe into the present and blossom into the future.

Through mindful movement, we will explore the art of releasing tensions and worries, dysfunctional patterns and habits. Connected to the beauty and nature around us, we will find inspiration in the changing seasons. We will reflect on how we too can embrace change with grace and gratidutine.

This retreat is an opportunity to cultivate our awareness. To immerse ourselves in movement that frees the mind, heart and body, and close out the year with a sense of lightness and possibility.

The theme of this retreat is “Letting Go – Letting Bloom.”

3 days dedicated to YOU to energize, relax, regenerate and bring you closer to your forgotten nature. This awareness training retreat will take place at the Agriturismo “il Roccone” a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by nature.

Through profound practices of mindful movement , we will be able to “see” what is “weighing” and blocking us physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally and learn to let go to create new space!

During autumn, as the trees shed their “dead” parts, this natural need to get away from what is “unreal” and “superfluous” to return to the essentials, to what really matters, is also ignited in us!

It is as if we are all given the chance to detach ourselves, to refresh ourselves, so that we can begin again!

Let’s prepare together during these three days to let go. To flow into the introspective phase that winter requires of us with freedom and lightness, and to allow our authentic being to flourish!


The Location

Agriturismo Il Roccone – Piancastagnaio, 53025 SI, Italia

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