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Explore your mindful movement, Athens

awareness training sati dynamic

Explore your mindful movement, Athens

  • Balanced
  • February 21, 2020
  • Friday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Explore your mindful movement, Athens


Friday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
February 21, 2020


Sati Dynamic

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Explore your mindful movement, Athens


Friday, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
February 21, 2020


In these hectic times, we need to find our roots and keep our feet on the ground. But we also need to be in touch with our instincts and intuitions, our feelings and our emotions.

We need to remain centered in our movement, without losing contact with the movement of the world. In this modern and chaotic world, awareness in ourselves and our relationships is the only way to see clearly, to maintain healthy relationships and to live a fulfilling and creative life.

In this workshop, we use mindful movement to make an experiential journey within our body, our mind, our emotions, our relationships. We bring light upon all that we usually avoid to see, preventing ourselves from living to the fullest of our potential.

Get ready for a journey of exploration, discovery and transformation!


18:00 – 20:00:

SATI Dynamic Self & Movement Awareness – mindful movement exploration

Dynamic awareness exploration of how we stand, feel and move into space.
Specific exercises will guide us through observation, interaction, breathing and music to review our self-image and to discover more about ourselves and our movement in the world.

We will explore our physical skills and work on extending our limits.
By searching the balance between our physical and emotional skills, between strength and flexibility, lightness and heaviness, movement and stillness, we will fix the balance between our inner and outer world.

We will explore our natural movement to release the primitive essence we hide within, so as to ignite creativity, expression and awareness and to finally connect to our true self!

Freedom comes from awareness, awareness comes from knowledge, knowledge (also) comes from information, from study and from seeing without prejudices.
The Location

Αχαρνών 2
Κηφισιά 145 61, Αthens

For info & reservations: +30 210 6255446

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