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Chakra Awareness Retreat in Tuscany

chakra retreat

Chakra Awareness Retreat in Tuscany

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Chakra Awareness Retreat in Tuscany

Il Roccone

13-05-2024 - 19-05-2024
May 13, 2024


Sati Dynamic

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Chakra Awareness Retreat in Tuscany

Il Roccone

13-05-2024 - 19-05-2024
May 13, 2024


We awaken our vital energy by bringing awareness on our energy centers,
and we break the chains that prevent us from being free!

This retreat is thoughtfully designed to encompass movement practices tailored to each chakra, introspective self-work, transformative movement meditations, and the enriching practice of sharing. With different meaningful sessions per day, this retreat offers you the opportunity to discover, align, and rejuvenate your inner self.

SATI Dynamic offers you a profound week-long chakra awareness retreat in the Tuscany region of Italy. A 7-day journey within ourselves, exploring our different energy levels, our levels of consciousness.

We will uncover our blocks that limit our expansion and hinder our clear vision, and we will work on all those qualities that will help us release our authentic essence.

We will awaken and strengthen our energy body and channel specific energy into each chakra and we will flow through the liberating current of our chakras using mindful movement exploration and sequences, singing, dancing, different meditative techniques, partner work and specific introspective exercises on chakra psychology.

Suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. This workshop offers a deep understanding of yourself and a powerful set of tools for personal growth.

The retreat will take place at the Agriturismo “il Roccone” a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by nature.

All Mindful movement practices / introspective and creative writing work / meditations will be held in a site full of energy that will recharge, reconnect and inspire us.

What we will gain from this Chakra Awareness Retreat experience:

The tools to know ourselves in depth and make wiser choices. A clearer vision of how to set better boundaries. Valuable and profound revelations about our movement in the world. New and deep connections. An unforgettable experience!

There are olny 12 spots for this retreat.

When enough people will be in the flow of evolution,
transmitting energy to others,
we will create a new culture,
in which our bodies will vibrate at ever higher levels of energy and perception.


Day 1

–  2:00 PM: Arrival at the Il Roccone Walden
–  4:00 – 5:30 PM: Welcome & Opening Circle An introduction to the chakras and retreat overview.
–  6:00 PM: Root Chakra – Grounding & Stability: Root chakra visualization and grounding exercises.
–  8:30 PM: Dinner
–  9:30 PM: Group sharing

Day 2

–  7:30 AM: Awakening and grounding
–   8:00 AM: Body exploration practice through breath and guided movement – ground your movement
–   9:30 AM: Breakfast
–   10:30 AM: Workshop: Understanding the root chakra, its significance, and imbalances. Introspective work
–   12:30 PM: 30′ Nature walk for grounding and connecting with the Earth element.
–   2:30 PM: Lunch
–   5:30 PM: Sacral Chakra – Creativity & Emotions: activation and creative expression.
–   8:00 PM: Dinner
–   9:00 PM: Group sharing: Reflecting on creative expressions and emotions.

Day 3

–  7:30 AM: Awakening the senses through movement
–   8:00 AM: Creative movement flow: flow with the water element within
–   9:30 AM: Breakfast
–   10:30 AM: Workshop: Exploring emotions, creativity, and the sacral chakra’s role. Introspective work
–   12:30 PM: 30′ meditation on emotional impermanence
–   2:30 PM: Lunch
–   5:30 PM: Solar Plexus Chakra – Personal Power: Activating the fire within – movement meditation
–   8:00 PM: Dinner
–   9:00 PM: Group sharing insights on personal power.

Day 4

–  7:30 AM: Awakening the fire within
–  8:00 AM: Power flow: Express your inner fire
–  9:30 AM: Breakfast
–  10:30 AM: Workshop: Unveiling the power of the solar plexus chakra. Introspective work
–  12:30 PM: 30′ meditation on fixing our power center
–  2:30 PM: Lunch
–  5:30 PM: Heart Chakra – Love & Compassion: Heart chakra opening and loving-kindness movement meditation.
–  8:00 PM: Dinner
–  9:00 PM: Group sharing Experiences of opening the heart.

Day 5

–  7:30 AM: Opening the heart
–  8:00 AM: Move from the heart: Loving flow
–  9:30 AM: Breakfast
–  10:30 AM: Workshop: The significance of the heart chakra in relationships. Introspective work
–  12:30 PM: 30′ meditation: connecting from the heart
–  2:30 PM: Lunch
–  5:30 PM: Throat Chakra – Communication: Throat chakra clearing and expression practice.
–  8:00 PM: Dinner
–  9:00 PM: Group sharing: Insights on communication challenges

Day 6

–  7:30 AM: Awaken your unique expression
–  8:00 AM: Creative flow: find your own movement
–  9:30 AM: Breakfast
–  10:30 AM: Workshop: Exploring the power of effective communication
–  12:30 PM: 30′ communicating through movement
–  2:30 PM: Lunch
–  5:30 PM: Third Eye Chakra – Intuition & Insight: Third eye chakra activation and intuition practice through movement.
–  8:00 PM: Dinner
–  9:00 PM: Group sharing: Personal intuitive experiences.

Day 7

–  7:30 AM: 30′ silent meditation
–  8:00 AM: Crown Chakra – Spiritual Connection: connect to the spiritual through movement
–  9:30 AM: Breakfast in silence
–  10:30 AM: Workshop: Exploring spirituality and the crown chakra’s significance.
–  12:30 PM: Silent reflection: connecting to all that is
–  1:30 PM: Lunch
–  2:30 PM: Closing circle: Reflect on your transformative journey
–  4:00 PM: Departures


No journey is as enriching as the journey within!

The Location

Agriturismo Il Roccone – Piancastagnaio, 53025 SI, Italia

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